I am passing this on because as a Welsh learner, I know how important it is to be able to buy books in the language. Without books, languages wither and die, and e-books are the way forward for books, so it’s vital that Welsh can continue in this form. So why has Amazon decided that it won’t publish books in Welsh for the Kindle? They publish books in other minority languages..Image. Welsh is one of the ancient languages of Britain and we should be proud of it! 

Here’s the details of the petition:

Amazon E-book Petition

Thank you for signing the petition calling on Amazon to allow the publishing of Welsh language e-Books on Kindle. It has been signed by over 4,000 people to date. We will close the petition on Friday the 12th of July. We will be sending copies of the petition to the headquarters of Amazon in Seattle and Luxemburg and to Amazon’s Director of Public Policy in Brussels. Copies will also be sent to Meri Hughes, the Welsh Language Commissioner and to Carwyn Jones, the First Minister of Wales.

So far it has been extremely difficult to get any response from Amazon and we would appreciate any suggestions on how we can get Amazon to change their minds. You are welcome to call on friends to sign the petition by following this linkhttp://www.deisebelyfrau.org/

Pob hwyl

Garmon Gruffudd


 I would appreciate people helping with this one… If only because Welsh is beautiful and deserves the best chance possible to survive.