The Grumpygreengranny blog is now dedicated to reviews of dog-friendly hotels, so we welcome any reviews that readers might have that we can add. We’re based in the UK but if others have reviews of hotels from different countries that would be great.


It’s not easy to find good, dog-friendly hotels. Various books have sprung up that list hotels which take dogs, but the descriptions are usually short and probably taken from the hotel’s own website. What we’re trying to do here is establish solid reviews from people that have actually taken their dogs to hotels (or B&Bs) and are able to provide a genuine review for others.

Some guidelines: Please keep it honest, and provide the sort of details that other dog lovers might find helpful in deciding where to holiday – for example, if the hotel has problems with access or there’s a busy road nearby, whether dogs can stay in the rooms unattended – and also about your stay, for instance what the rooms and the food is like. Photos are also very welcome.

We hope in future to be able to pay people for their words but for now, fame will have to be enough! Full credit promised.