Hang on to your life saving equipment, things are getting stormy…

I suspect around about now Mitt Romney, that charming silver-haired young fellow currently running for what I understand is a top spot across the Atlantic, is wishing he had never heard of FEMA, the US Federal Emergency Management Agency.

If you do a bit of light Googling, still one of granny’s favourite hobbies, you will find that back in 2011 Mr Romney (and what kind of a first name is Mitt, by the way? Isn’t that a type of wooly glove?) was all for cutting the FEMA budget. He said sternly: ‘We cannot afford to do those things without jeopardizing the future for our kids.’

He went on to explain that emergency response should be the responsibility of states. It may be that he has never heard of multi-state catastrophes – goodness knows, these are busy people… However, Hurricane Sandy rather inconveniently hit just before the presidential elections, leading some in the GOP to suspect that Sandy is a secret Democrat supporter.

FEMA, of course, is playing a crucial role in coordinating the response to the massive, multi-state catastrophe that has ensued. So now, of course, Mr Romney finds himself saying, as you do: ‘As President, I will ensure that FEMA has the funding it needs to fulfil its mission…’ I could quote him at greater length, but politicians put granny to sleep faster than her evening cocoa.

Anyhoo, the upshot of a good FEMA response is that NJ’s (Republican) governor Chris Christie is now saying terribly nice things about that lovely President Obama, saying his response has been ‘outstanding’. Personally, I think they are both fine upstanding young men. But I bet Mr Mitten wishes he’d kept mum about FEMA.