Lexie - pickle dog is ill...

This is Lexie in typical hairy, skulky mode… She is a great little dog with bags full of character – I’ve described before my experiences training her, which have left me with a very deep love of this funny little girl.

Odd how life turns though – she’s been very quiet and down, and so we took her to see the vet, who has diagnosed that she has diabetes. Yes, dogs do get diabetes! And the procedure is much the same as for humans – she has to have daily injections of insulin and her meals have to be timed and monitored too, to make sure they match the peaks and lows of her blood sugar.

Naturally, I am finding the injection process terrifying. I didn’t sleep the night before the first one. The vet had shown my husband how to do the injection, and he had done his best to show me, but nevertheless, the idea of sticking a needle into my best buddy…

These things you can only do because you hope and pray it is for the best for her, so I did it, after a completely sleepless night, then burst into tears. Two days on, three injections under my belt, I am feeling a bit less worried but I still spend hours checking she is breathing.

She’s also got a snazzy pair of incontinence panties for the days when she drinks too much and leaks in her sleep. She is bearing it all very gracefully, even the needle, bless her. What a wonderful dog… Hamish and I are being as supportive as we can – Hamish is being very encouraging, bless him, offering tennis balls and indeed to help her eat her food. You can’t say better than that!